About Us

Sterfive SAS

The company was created in 2017 to sustain the development effort and to provide industry grade services and support to the end-users of the open source framework node-opcua.

Our missions are:

  • to continuously improve and extend the OPC UA specification coverage the node-opcua framework with R&D backed up and sponsored by the end-users,
  • to ensure that node-opcua will remain a open-source technology, forever,
  • to help and support the node-opcua community with a set of commercial support packages,
  • to promote and support third companies that uses node-opcua in their products with our "Backers & Sponsors" program,
  • to actively participate and contribute to the OPC UA standardization by becoming a Corporate Member of the OPC UA Foundation.
  • to become the first fully-certified OPC UA open source framework,
  • to constantly improve the quality and performance of our code and documentation,
  • to collaborate with other open-source IoT communities,
  • to develop amazing new product based on node-opcua.

Sterfive is operated by its founder Etienne, the author of node-opcua.