• NodeOPCUA is the open source cross-platform OPC-UA stack for node.js.
  • NodeOPCUA allow you to add server or client capabilities to your #IoT device or to your server application.
  • The project is hosted on Github and is used by industrial users startups, and large organisations as well as by many open-source projects in the M2M and IOT areas.
  • NodeOPCUA is developed and maintain by Sterfive.

Open-Source, an Interoperability enabler

  • We believe that open-source contributes to the wide adoption of standards and facilitates Interoperability.
  • Open-source is a technology enabler for Interoperability standards that fosters collaboration and innovation.
  • When security matters, being able to validate and scrutinized the code improves trust.
  • The code is licenced under the terms of the MIT licence.

Social Coding

  • NodeOPCUA is one of the million open-source projects hosted on GitHub, the social coding platform.
  • NodeOPCUA is being developed by volunteers cooperating worldwide.
  • Users can suggest feature enhancements, provide corrections, even fork the project and submit pull-requests.

NodeOPCUA validates the specifications.

  • NodeOPCUA has been written from scratch, as per the specifications.

  • Creating a running software based on specifications is an extraordinary way to gain expertise and understand how OPC UA is operated under the hood.

  • As a side effect, this also validates the specifications.

Vibrant community !

  • NodeOPCUA is praised by a growing community of users, who want to understand how OPC UA works under the hood.
  • Everyone can inspect the code, and participate in the development efforts. NodeOPCUA is being used worldwide by universities, research centers, industrial , #Iot solutions providers, M2M, in a variety of projects in the field of #Iot, #Industry 4.0, #Robotics, #M2M and home automation.

Work in progress - Sponsors needed

  • We managed to get to a certifiable stack in less than 18 months from project inception, but the journey continues and we’ll keep adding more and more features based on community needs, support and contribution.
  • We welcome sponsors who want to support the initiative and influence the roadmap or get dedicated support.

Modern language that makes concurrency easy !

  • We used a loosely typed, scripting language in NodeJS.
  • It is an asynchronous, event driven, framework, that uses a specific coding style and makes simultaneous connections and parallel data processing a joy.
  • Node.JS is turbo charged by the Google Chrome V8 engine and is available on all common computer platforms including the smallest embedded linux or windows 10.
  • This is great to target nano-devices, embedded servers as well as larger server applications. Your code becomes concise and easy to follow.

Leading edge software development

  • We use the “Test Driven Development” technique, and continuous integration.
  • We release the software frequently. Our code is carefully tested with more than 3000 unit tests (still growing) and benefits from a 91%+ code coverage.