OPC UA Toolbox

Your Essential Tool for OPC UA Server Replication and Simulation

The Sterfive OPC UA Toolbox is a powerful command-line utility designed to replicate existing OPC UA server models by conducting an in-depth analysis of the address space reconstructing nodeset.xml files.

This versatile tool simplifies the creation of simulators using the open-source NodeOPCUA stack or any other OPC UA compliant stack.

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Overview of OPC UA Toolbox

The OPC UA Toolbox is a command-line utility that performs various operations on OPC UA servers, such as replicating the address spaces of active servers and facilitating the creation of simulators.

The following commands are available:

  • nodeset Extracts the namespaces from a running OPC UA server as nodeset2.xml files, enabling the replication of an existing address space in an OPC UA simulator (e.g., using node-opcua).
  • datatype Extracts the data types and definitions of "object extensions" from a running OPC UA server as nodeset2.xml files.
  • diagnostic Displays diagnostic information from an OPC UA server, including its uptime, traffic statistics, and information about connected OPC UA clients.
  • endpoint Extracts and displays the connection points exposed by an OPC UA server and their properties.
  • node Reconstructs the access path to a node in the addressing tree, based on its nodeId.

Platform Compatibility

The software is compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS command-line environments.

Subscription and Updates

The software license is offered as an annual subscription, which can be renewed. The Toolbox is regularly updated with new features and commands, making it an invaluable resource for OPC UA diagnostics and solution development within an OPC UA ecosystem.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided through the NodeOPCUA Support Membership offering. Access to software updates is included throughout the duration of the contract, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and improvements.

Unlock the full potential of your OPC UA ecosystem with Sterfive's OPC UA Toolbox. Start replicating and simulating OPC UA servers with ease and precision today!


The product requires a licence to run in full mode. A 30-days trial licence is provided with the product, starting ah the first run.

To get a full licence,  reach out to our e-store or contact us by mail for a quote.