Our professionals services for you


We provide training to help you master the OPC UA technology.

We help you design your OPC UA model to represent your industrial process.

Custom Development

We develop OPC UA software client and server that rely on node-opcua, based on your specification.

We help you bootstrap your OPC UA Project. We develop proof of concept and prototype before we develop full featured software.

Question and Answer

We provide answer to any questions you have on OPC UA or on our products.

You get a direct access to our experts, so you get the best information at source.

Code Review

We provide useful feedback on your code. We help you optimize it.

We guide you through th the most efficient way to use our technology.

We assist you in tuning your application code.

Problem solving

We enhance continuously our open source core, and resolve any potential issues you may found.

We process your request with high priority.

We publish vulnerabilities fixes in patches or version update.


We constantly improve our technology and publish it in open-source

We develop and publish open source technology that matters to you.

We orient our road-map toward the need and request of our sponsors.