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$ npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-pubsub-client
$ npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-pubsub-server



  • Provide client extension to interact nicely with the Server/PublishSubscribe object
  • Administration of a server publish&Subscribe object
  • Connection, Published DataSet,WriterGroup, ReadGroup


  • Implements PublishSubscribe Object
  • Add support to fully compliant PubSub support to your existing NodeOPCUA Server with a single line of code.
  • MQTT-JSON transport
  • MQTT connectors for generic broker, AWS, GoogleCloud or Azure.


This premium modules allows you to execute OPCUA Client script from withing the Web Browser directly by using the same API as NodeOPCUA Client.

It is ideal to create HTML base application or Electron application.and simplify the


$ npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-webproxy
$ npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-webproxy-server


In the browser (Front End)

  • It provides the OPCUAClient API inside a browser.
  • The same code can be developed to run in NodeJS backend or inside the browser.
  • The OPCUA commands are proxyed to a backend service.

Backend service

  • The backend service performs the connection with distant OPCUA Server on behalf of the front end application.
  • It provides a HTTP/REST API for transactional commands (read, write, browse, translateBrowsePathToNodeId, createSubscription, createMonitoredItem etc ... )
  • It maintains the connection alive, regardless of the state of the browser
  • It Provide WebSocket API for subscriptions and monitored Items


The node-opcua-webproxy module is available as a npm package with access to SourceCode, under Sterfive's Source Available licence.


Contact Sterfive to get a quote for for a demo.


Dealing with a server specific limits can be a pain. @sterfive/node-opcua-optimized-client handles with the complexity for you.


$ npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-optimized-client


  • Handle server limits & continuation points seamlessly
  • Handle an internal command queue,
  • Minimize number of command transaction (packing )
  • Automatic pause when connection is lost
  • Automatic retry of paused commands when connection is restore


Only 1 Write command sent with 2 nodeToWrites

session = new ClientSessionOptimized(session);
session.write(nodeToWrite1).then((statusCode)=>{ /** */});
session.write(nodeToWrite2).then((statusCode)=>{ /** */});


Full featured GDS (Global Discovery Server) toolbox for your OPCUA application, powered by NodeOPCUA.

  • On the server side, this component provides all you need to add Certificate Management capabilities to your OPCUA Server .
  • On the client side, this components provides all the required tools to facilitate the interaction with any compliant GDS Server, enabling your OPCUA device fleet management.


npm install @sterfive/node-opcua-gds



  • Administration of Server Certificate
  • Certificate renewal using OPCUA
  • Remote management of Trusted Rejected certificate
  • plug-and-play: the API provides high level API to facilitate the call of the GDS Methods and browse the GDS opcua nodes of a remote server.
import { GDSClient } from "@sterfive/node-opcua-gds"

const gdsClient = new GDSClient(client);
await gdsClient.revokeCertificate(...);
await gdsClient.createCerfificateSigningRequest(...);


  • Extends your node-opcua server with GDS Support, objects & methods implementations
  • Pull Certificate Management
  • Push Certificate Management
  • plug-and-play: only one single line needed to augment your node-opcua server.


This module extends the node-opcua-webproxy with React components specifically designed to represent OPCUA concepts in your HTML application.

It comes with 50 react components

  • address-space tree view
  • attribute viewer
  • connections
  • Variant edit controls
  • ExtensionObject viewer


$ npm install @sterfive/react-ui-components