Service details


Support Annual subscription

The NodeOPCUA Annual subscription grants to the licensee a right to use, modify and integrate the professional version of NodeOCPUA which contains the most up-to-date version of the Node-OPCUA and provides access to Sterfive's unique expertise on node-opcua through a dedicated and private collaborative portal.


The license grants:

  • access to Sterfive's dedicated collaborative portal GitLab in a private space.
  • answers to questions on node-opcua or more specifically on OPC-UA.
  • correction of possible bugs/validation and associated tests
  • fast re-publication of an OPC-UA package in the event of an upgrade is required, with early access,


  • The service is carried out remotely by opening support tickets in a collaborative portal.
  • Sterfive provides an initial response within less than 1 working day on average.
  • The contract starts on the date of acceptance of the customer's order by Sterfive and emmission of the first invoice.
  • The service is tacitly renewed annually. it can canceled up to 1 month before the renewal date.
  • Term payment due.


  • The questions and the answers remain private and confidential and are not exposed on the public GitHub forum.
  • The code written by the customer remains the property of the customer.
  • The code written by Sterfive to illustrate responses, correct bugs, or develop additional functionalities remains the property of Sterfive. Sterfive reserves the right to publish or not corrections and changes at its convenience.
  • Sterfive grants a license to the Client to reuse or adapt derivative works of the code written by Sterfive in the course of the support services provided.


  • We are proficient in French or English, and will fluently provide support in either languages.